STORY: What happened to the grandma? Sometimes she loses her memories, but when you least expect it… she even seems to see the future! Specialists from all over the world have looked at her, but they can’t find the source of his pain or any effective remedy. We need help to explore what the hell is going on, corset inside!

TEAM: 2 – 6 members. To come with children, it is better to have a minimum of 4 participants: two adults and two children aged 8 to 14.

RECOMMENDED AGE: Starting at 8 years old, only if half of the team are adults. To play without any adult, the minimum age is 15.

DIFFICULTY: Low for veteran players and medium for newbies.

FEAR: The atmosphere has nothing to do with horror, and nobody will enter to scare anyone. It’s an exciting and tense adventure, but not at all scary.

ACCESSIBILITY:  It’s not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

AGILITY: You don’t have to be a boy scout to play, but you will have to access narrow and unusual connections, sometimes crawling, so you should wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes.

PREGNANCY: It is not recommended to play if the pregnancy is in an advanced stage or if it is a high-risk pregnancy.

BABIES: There is no problem to come with your baby only if you see yourself crawling with a baby in a baby carrier and going through an 80 cm hole. It’s impossible to play with a stroller, but you can leave it at the entrance.

TOILET: There is a toilet, but it is inside the game area, so it’s better if you arrive with your needs made.

LENGTH: Between 70 and 105 minutes in total, including the introduction and the final reception (60-90 minutes of game). After starting and knowing the story, nobody will leave without knowing the end of the adventure! That is why we cannot be precise on the exact length of the game.