What is an escape room?

It’s a leisure activity where puzzles have to be solved in groups in order to advance towards the objective set by the plot, which isn’t always escaping. The themes are endless, and the places where the game is played are set according to them (ancient Egypt, the Amazon rainforest, a carpentry, a madhouse, a literary work, a cellar…). The teams are made by the players themselves and have to adjust to a number of participants specified for each adventure.


How many people can play?

The room and the gear of puzzles are made to offer entertainment to a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 people per session.

If we have booked for a certain number of players and we end up being more or less people, will that be a problem?

As long as there aren’t more than 6 participants, which is the maximum allowed, there is no problem. You will pay the difference in cash in Can Bruna the day you booked, according to the number of players that participate.

And what if more or less players than the indicated in the gift card participate?

If more players than the indicated in the gift card participate, you will have to pay the difference for the added player (maximum 6 participants). This payment will be made in cash the same day you play, once the adventure is finished.

If you are less people, the difference won’t be refunded to the buyer of the gift card nor the receiver of it.

Once inside... Can we exit the game whenever?

Yes. Pressing a button, the location of which is indicated at the start of the game, the door of entrance to the game space is opened immediately, without needing any code nor key. So in case of indisposition or any incidences, from inside the game, participants will always have the option of exiting.

How long does this experience last?

Between 80 and 115 minutes, including the reception and the time of exchanging sensations with the person in charge of the game, which usually happens once finished the adventure.

What if we can't get out?

There is a person responsible for monitoring the game, and that person will always help when needed so that no team is stuck for too long. we don’t want you to be frustrated nor lose hope! The goal is to carry on and enjoy a beginning, a middle and a resolution, in the adventure that we offer, whether it is with more or less external help. Don’t worry, you won’t get trapped inside! We won’t punish you, nor make you restart, nor tidy up the place: grandma Núria promises.

What aptitudes are necessary?

It’s a proposal that’s suitable for everyone who has an adventurous soul and wants to have fun solving singular puzzles. You will be exposed to an avalanche of funny challenges among friends, coworkers or family.

However, Cellular Odyssey is a proposal that requires a minimum of physical flexibility, because in certain moments you will have to go through narrow spaces and places that require crouching down or kneeling. You don’t need to be gymnasts either! You just have to take into account that if you have a casted leg, for example, you won’t be able to participate.

What languages is the game enabled in?

In Catalan, Spanish and English.

How should I dress?

It’s necessary to wear comfortable clothes that allow at least some body flexibility. And very important, flat footwear. You will be given shoe protectors at the entrance, but avoid high heels and non-practical footwear.

Is it scary?

It’s not a horror game nor is there any intentions to scare throughout the entire experience. There can be some dark spaces and there will be changes in the dynamic during the last 5 minutes to make the finale more exciting, but there won’t be any scares nor someone walking in to scare you.

Is there a recommended age to participate?

From experience, we know that players between the ages of 15 and 50 connect better with the challenges and the dynamic of escape rooms, but that doesn’t mean that the experience can’t be enjoyable to older or younger people.

Can minors participate?

To participate with kids, it’s better to be at least 4 players: two adults and two kids between 9 and 14 years old. In bigger teams, it is recommended to include as many adults as infants there are or more adults than infants. Below 9 years of age, the experience may be distorted. Very young kids have a harder time following the plot and end up getting bored and feeling excluded and frustrated. It will only be possible to play without adults when all the players are 15 years old or older.

Can pregnant people and babies participate?

It is not recommended to play in an advanced state of pregnancy or in high-risk pregnancies, and it is also not very comfortable to play with babies, even if they are in a baby carrier.

Can people with reduced mobility participate?

No. There are difficult accesses inside the game, so it isn’t suitable for the particiaption of wheelchair users or people with mobility issues that impede crouching down or crawling.

Can pets participate?

In general, no. We don’t find it advisable, especially due to the materials with which we have worked with to make the setting, which can be damaged by scratches or fur shedding that’s hard to eliminate. Only small dogs in carrier backpacks could participate (ask before).

Are there cameras?

Yes, inside the games there are cameras and microphones, but only for internal use. The game master will be who supervises everything that happens during the adventure from the control area. However, the images and audios are received live, they aren’t registered so there will be no remaining recordings of the activity.

Can players communicate with the person in the control area?

Yes. The game master will hear you at all times, so they can attend to your needs whenever it’s convenient.

Can we watch the experience from the control area, if we have already played and want to see other friends play?

No. In this occasion we don’t have the adequate space to offer this option.

Is the place acclimatized?

Yes. There is heating and air conditioning.

Is there a toilet?

Yes, but it’s inside the game space, so it’s necessary to come with your basic needs fulfilled. Oh, and inside the bathroom there’s no cameras nor microphones, don’t worry!

Is there a private parking lot?

No, but right at the street behind Can Bruna, ‘carrer del Cid’, there’s a blue zone parking lot where there’s usually available spaces to park: Cal Rondina. And with a little luck, you might find spots to park for free in nearby streets.

Can we pay in Can Bruna?

In Can Bruna, you only pay the difference if extra players come, and also the remaining amount of the reservation if you have chosen to pay just a deposit. Payments at the property must always be in cash.

What are the payment methods?

Payment for Gift Vouchers is made online, through Banc Sabadell’s Redsys gateway. To reserve a Gaming Session, we offer 2 options: full payment via Redsys or a deposit online (with credit/debit card) + cash payment of the remaining amount in Can Bruna.

We want to change the date we booked. How do we do it?

Contact us via e-mail, canbruna@canbruna.cat, and tell us about your issue. There won’t be any problems to change the date as long as it’s done with 3 days of anticipation and the alternative date you want to book is available.

Up to 2 changes are allowed free of charge. From the 2nd, each change requested will imply an extra €10.

We want to cancel the session we booked. Can we get a refund?

As long as you tell us via email, canbruna@canbruna.cat, with more than 3 days of anticipation, yes, the money will be refunded. But take into account, you can change the date you booked if there has been an inconvenience or unforeseen event in the date chosen initially.

Canceling the session 3 days or less before the date you booked implies the impossibility to get a refund of the payment made.

Can we gift the experience of Can Bruna?

Of course! From the section BOOK NOW of our website.