Gift Card


Christmas holidays are just around the corner, so… what could be better than giving away an experience full of excitement and adrenaline? While you enjoy playing, you will feel a good catharsis and wou will leave Can Bruna refreshed! Cellular Odyssey is an adventure to share with family, friends or work colleagues, a source of anecdotes that will make you smile for a handful of days, remembering them. Need more reasons to get a Gift Card? Here we go!


DURATION: The Gift Cardcode will be useful for 6 months, although you can book any session that appears in the calendar until the last day of these 6 months.

CUSTOMIZATION: During purchase management, the system will allow you to include the names of the beneficiaries and/or a dedication (maximum 20 words).

LANGUAGE: The Val Regal is available Catalan, Spanish and English. The choice is yours.

DELIVERY: In the confirmation email, after making the payment correctly from our website, you will find the Gift Card attached as a PDF file.


Payments for Game Sessions and Gift Cards are made only online, by bank card.

GIFT CARD 2 players -> 74 €

GIFT CARD 3 players -> 84 €

GIFT CARD 4 players -> 96

GIFT CARD 5 players -> 115 € €

GIFT CARD 6 players -> 132 €