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Book an appointment to repair grandma… FROM THE INSIDE!

As experts in parasitic microorganisms, you can now book your appointment in Can Bruna. You will be of great help to dive into the most intimate universe of Núria Bruna and reactivate her 5 senses before it’s too late. You’ll sail between neurons and arteries while you heal each damaged organ.

Don’t think twice, ratafia doesn’t do miracles and our grandma… Needs urgent repair!


Do you want to stop time for 3 minutes to make an important announcement or hand a gift to your teammate? Select the option of Cardiac Arrest and you’ll be able to do it! Grandma’s heart will stop without the risk of collapsing and the lighting will change to create a magic moment.

The gift has to be prepared by you, of course. You can put it in a bag, pocket or backpack to enter the game and we will give you instructions on how to cause this Cardiac Arrest via e-mail, if you request it when you book your session.

As easy as marking YES or NO in the drop-down that you’ll find below the personal data that must be included after selecting the date and time in the calendar.


To buy Gift Cards, payments can only be made online, by bank card. Otherwise, to book a Game Session we offer you two options:

1. Full payment by bank card.

2. A deposit of 24 € by bank card, while the rest is paid in cash on the same day of the experience.

  • SESSION 2 players -> 74 €
  • SESSION 3 players -> 84 €
  • SESSION 4 players -> 96
  • SESSION 5 players -> 115 €
  • SESSION 6 players -> 132 €